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Stories from the Field

Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High | Sacramento City USD

Safe School Ambassadors & Single School Culture
Subject: Data Use, Improving School Culture
Practice: Safe School Ambassadors, Single School Culture

Bloomington High | Colton Joint USD

Student Action Improves School Climate
Subject: Engagement, Meaningful Participation
Practice: Student Listening Circle

Channel Islands High | Oxnard Union HSD

High School Students Create Anti-bullying PSA
Subject: Meaningful Participation, Social-Emotional Learning, Anti-Bullying
Practice: Challenge Day Program, Public Service Announcement

College Park High | Mount Diablo USD

Challenge Day Club: College Park Students Tell their Success Story
Subject: Anti-Bullying
Practice: Challenge Day, ‘Next Steps, Be the Change’

College Park High | Mount Diablo USD

Cyber Bullying Class
Subject: Anti-Bullying
Practice: Cyber-Bullying Class, Common Sense Media

Colton High | Colton Joint USD

Student Forum
Subject: Student Voice, Relationships
Practice: Student Forum, Student-Driven Solutions

El Capitan High | Grossmont Union HSD

Mentoring Improves School Connectedness
Subject: Engagement, Mentoring, Connectedness
Practice: Link Crew

El Cerrito Senior High | West Contra Costa USD

Truancy Intervention
Subject: Discipline, Truancy, Data Use
Practice: Intervention, Parent/Student Group Intervention

Fontana A. B. Miller High | Fontana USD

Students Experienced Stereotyping in UNITY Forum
Subject: Anti-Bullying
Practice: Unity Forum

Hoopa Valley High | Klamath-Trinity Joint USD

On-site Rural Therapeutic Services
Subject: Social-Emotional Health, Counseling, Engagement
Practice: On-site Rural Therapeutic Services

Kennedy High | West Contra Costa USD

Youth Leadership
Subject: Engagement, Data Use, Youth Leadership Development
Practice: Youth Policy Group

Lower Lake High | Konocti USD

Link Crew from a Student’s Point of View
Subject: Engagement, Mentoring, Connectedness
Practice: Link Crew

Lynwood High | Lynwood USD

Positive Behavior Support Program
Subject: Discipline
Practice: Positive Behavior Supports

Madera High | Madera USD

Peer Counseling
Subject: Social-Emotional Health, Data Use, Peer Counseling Program
Practice: Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training

Madera South High | Madera USD

Grief and Loss Support Group
Subject: Social-Emotional Health
Practice: Grief and Loss Support Group

Madison High | San Diego USD

World Café on School Climate Issues
Subject: Student Voice, Connectedness, High Expectations, Relationships, Violence Prevention
Practice: World Café

Madison High | San Diego USD

World Café for Parents
Subject: Engagement, Parent Voice, Parent Involvement
Practice: World Café

Mount Diablo High | Mount Diablo USD

Drug and Alcohol Education Workshops
Subject: Social-Emotional Health, Counseling
Practice: Drug & Alcohol Workshop

Mount Miguel High | Grossmont Union HSD

Capturing Kids’ Hearts
Subject: Social-Emotional Health, Engagement, Data Use, Discipline Referral Reduction
Practice: Capturing Kids’ Hearts

Mount Miguel High | Grossmont Union HSD

Halloween “Flash Mob”
Subject: Engagement, Relationships, Connectedness
Practice: Flash Mob

Oakland Technical High | Oakland USD

Restorative Justice
Subject: Discipline
Practice: Restorative Justice

Pacifica High
| Oxnard Union HSD

Encourage the Heart
Subject: Social-Emotional Health, Positive Behavioral Support
Practice: Encourage the Heart

Paloma Valley High | Perris Union HSD

Peer Leaders Uniting Students
Subject: Peer Leaders, Meaningful Participation, Data Use
Practice: Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS)

Palo Verde High | Palo Verde USD

Students Visit Colleges
Subject: College Opportunities
Practice: College Visit

Pasadena High
| Pasadena USD

Student Achievement Leadership
Subject: Data Use, Student Voice, Student Leadership
Practice: Student Achievement Leadership, Student Listening Circle/Fishbowl

Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High | San Francisco USD

Quiet Time
Subject: Social-Emotional Health
Practice: Quiet Time

Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High | San Francisco USD

School Mini-Grants Enhance Connectedness
Subject: Engagement, Connectedness
Practice: Mini-Grants

Reedly High | Kings Canyon Joint USD

Community Partners and Restorative Justice
Subject: Community Involvement
Practice: Community Partners, Restorative Justice

Richmond High | West Contra Costa USD

Focusing on Emotional Health
Subject: Social-Emotional Health
Practice: Wellness Week

San Diego MVP Arts | San Diego USD

Subject: Engagement, Relationships, Student Leadership Skills, Meaningful Participation
Practice: Caver Camp, Listening to Student Voices Fishbowl

San Juan High | San Juan USD

Student Voice Helps Reform School Rules
Subject: Student Voice, Restorative Justice
Practice: Students for Radical Change Conference

San Juan High | San Juan USD

Restorative Justice Advocacy
Subject: Discipline, Data Use
Practice: Restorative Justice Advocacy

Ygnacio Valley High | Mt. Diablo USD

Multi-Tiered Support System
Subject: Integration of Programs, S3 Teamwork, Creating a Safer Environment
Practice: Multi-Tiered System of Support