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Assessment and Data Use

California School Climate, Health, and Learning Surveys

The California School Climate, Health, and Learning Survey System (Cal-SCHLS) provides comprehensive, research-validated instruments for assessing school climate perceptions and experiences of students, staff, and parents. The system, supported by the California Department of Education, provides data not only about school safety and climate in general but also student learning motivation and engagement, school connectedness, and social emotional competencies, as well as parent involvement. The system consists of the following three companion surveys, each of which can be administered online and can be customized with additional questions:

Guides to Climate-related Survey Content 

Helpful Resources for Local Control and Accountability Plans, 2013-14.  Describes how the Cal-SCHLS system supports LCAP decision-making and monitoring, particularly in regard to the three priority areas of school climate, pupil engagement, and parent involvement.

Assessing School Climate (pdf) describes the value of the CHKS and CSCS for assessing school climate.

Using Cal-SCHLS to Assess Social-emotional Learning and Health (pdf). The Social Emotional Health Module (SEHM) boosts the value of the CHKS as a strengths-based assessment of positive emotions, engagement, and other social-emotional capacities linked to student mental health and well-being, as well as academic success and career and college readiness.

Locating Local Survey Results:  Reports and Query CHKS

Student and staff survey reports at the district, county, and state level are posted on the survey websites.  Direct access is also provided on these websites through the Query system.  Query CHKS helps you identify specific findings of interest.  You can drill down and disaggregate data by such variables as grade, region, and individual survey items.  Summaries of the significance of CHKS topics and their policy implications are also provided.

Psychometric Properties of Instruments:

California’s School Climate Measures: Analyses of Psychometric Properties (moved from Training & Support).  

School Climate Index and Report Card

Secondary schools with California Healthy Kids Survey data can request a School Climate Report Card (SCRC) to help identify, monitor, and evaluate their school climate needs and serve as data metrics for their LCAP.  District report cards can also be prepared to further assist LCAP monitoring. The report card provides summary data on eight domains of school climate and an overall School Climate Index.  Click here for a sample School Climate Report Card (pdf).  View a webinar describing the development of the report card for the CalS3 project.  SCRC’s for all the CalS3 grantees are posted on CDE’s DataQuest.

Guidebooks to Understanding and Using Survey Data for School Climate Improvement

Making Sense of School Climate: Using the California School Climate, Health, & Learning Survey (Cal-SCHLS) System to Inform Your School Improvement Efforts (pdf). Provides an overview of the eight important dimensions of school climate as measured by the Cal-SCHLS surveys. Intended for use as a companion reference guide to the Workbook below.

Workbook for Improving School Climate, 2nd Edition (pdf). This workbook is meant to help school communities interpret and use data from the California Healthy Kids Survey, the California School Climate Survey for staff, and the California School Parent Survey.  It is used in the School Climate Data Workshop.