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Webinars, Workshops & Events

Free, live, and archived webinars that address a variety of topics to help schools implement effective school climate improvement efforts are available to all schools. Live webinars will begin in early 2012. Archived webinars, available now, include:


Webinars offered by the California S3 Project

  • S3 Sustainability: Understanding the LCAP
    February 27, 2014: This webinar introduces S3 grantees to the state's new Local Control Accountability Plan requirements. The presentation describes how the policies, practices, and programs written into current S3 project plans may be sustained through the LCAP; how S3 school and district personnel might work together in LCAP planning; and the potential utility of S3 tools and resources in the LCAP planning process.
  • S3 Cal-SCHLS Survey Administration
    March 15, 2012: Grantees are encouraged to view this webinar before initiating their spring Cal-SCHLS data collection efforts. In this webinar, Susan Cragle, Cal-SCHLS Regional Coordinator, outlines the technical and logistical details involved in the spring 2012 S3 Cal-SCHLS Survey Collection, and presents numerous strategies for improving parent participation on the California School Parent Survey (CSPS).
  • The School Climate Report Card
    October 19, 2011: In this webinar, WestEd's Thomas Hanson describes the School Climate Report Card developed for S3 schools and how to use it to identify areas of school climate in need of improvement.
  • S3 Grantee Orientation Webinar
    October 12, 2011: This webinar introduced S3 grantees to the S3 initiative and provided an orientation to the coming year.

Webinars offered by the National TA Center

Below is a sample of webinars offered by the National TA Center. Please visit the National TA Center’s website for other webinars on school climate, positive discipline, effective program implementation, and survey administration.

  • Enhancing Peer to Peer Relationships to Strengthen School Climate
    This webinar focuses on the power of student-to-student relationships; how these relationships impact school climate; and the role of school adults in nurturing healthy, respectful relationships among students in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, school bus, and school grounds before and after school. Detailed strategies and best practice principles to strengthen student relationships are provided.
  • School Webinar Climate Series: School Based Climate Teams Part 2
    This session builds on the information presented in the May 2011 webinar “School Based Climate Teams (Part 1)”. In this session, participants deepened their knowledge and skills to strengthen a school climate team. Practical strategies to sustain the effort were shared, with the overall goal being to improve overall school climate and student academic results.
  • School Webinar Climate Series: School Based Climate Teams Part I
    This 2-part session provided detailed guidance for management and design of structures of support to address school climate. Based on the latest evidence in the field, participants explored all aspects of promoting healthy school climate… To find out more, click on the title of this webinar.
  • School Climate Webinar Series: Bullying Prevention
    This session focused on strategies for preventing bullying, with an emphasis on enhancing overall school climate to minimize bullying behavior… To find out more, click on the title of this webinar.
  • School Climate Series: Establishing Supportive Relationships between Teachers, Staff, Students, and Families
    During this Webinar, Clay Roberts, senior trainer from Vision Training Associates, presented on how to promote a more supportive school community; build strong, more caring relationships between and among everyone in the school; and… To find out more, click on the title of this webinar.
  • Making the Case for the Importance of School Climate and its Measurement
    During this Webinar, participants will learn about Safe and Supportive School Models, frameworks for understanding school climate, integration of school climate in creating safe and healthy learning environments… To find out more, click on the title of this webinar.

Other archived webinars are available at the National S3 TA Center website

PowerPoint Slide Decks for the National TA Center
Webinars, Workshops & Events

Data Use Workshop

This one-day, on-site workshop is designed to assist schools in a data-driven decision-making process focused on school climate improvement. WestEd staff facilitate a process through which each site-based School Climate Team examines their school’s Cal-SCHLS data to develop a school climate improvement plan that meets their local needs. Workshop attendees will:

  • study local survey data and identify needs using the Cal-SCHLS school Climate Workbook.
  • Identify strategies and programs that would meet the identified needs.
  • Determine what additional information is needed to guide decision-making.
  • Develop an action plan for program implementation.

Listening to Students Fishbowls

Listening to students fishbowls can be a follow-up activity to the data-use workshop or a separate, highly-engaging planning activity designed to:

  • Obtain student input into CHKS results and school climate improvement planning.
  • Serve as a school climate improvement strategy that provides an exercise in meaningful participation and demonstrates that the school cares about its students and what students think and feel about the school.
  • End with a student-staff collaborative action-planning meeting that includes ongoing student involvement.

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