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The following workshops and technical assistance were developed, implemented, and evaluated as part of the California S3 project. They are now being offered by the S3 Coaches through the Cal-SCHLS TA Center as a custom service. For more information about these workshops and their cost, email or call the helpline 888.841.7536.

See also the Single School Culture workshop materials.

Fostering a Climate for Success

This workshop provides an overview to: (1) the importance of a positive school climate and culture for improving academic achievement, learning engagement, school attendance; and graduation; and (2) the lessons learned from the S3 project on effective strategies. One of the most important first steps is for adults to reach agreement on the norms, values, and expectations that will foster a positive school climate. Participants will learn now to engage adult stakeholders in a norming process to create a Single School Culture.

Data Use Action Planning Workshop

This one-day, on-site workshop is designed to assist schools in a data-driven decision-making process focused on school climate improvement. Facilitators guide stakeholders through a process of examining existing data to guide development of a school climate improvement plan that meets local needs, including LCAP goals. Workshop attendees will:

  • Study local survey data, particularly Cal-SCHLS results, to identify and prioritize needs and formulate strategic goals.
  • Identify strategies and programs that meet the identified needs.
  • Determine what additional information is needed to guide decision-making.
  • Develop an action plan for program implementation.

Listening to Students Fishbowls

In Student Listening Circles (SLC) adults hear student perceptions about, and experiences in, school and what they think will make a difference to improve them in a highly-effective, facilitated focus group. The workshop concludes with all stakeholders collaborating to discuss the implications of what students have said and identifying potential action steps, including ongoing student involvement. This workshop can be a follow-up activity to the data-use workshop or a separate, highly-engaging planning activity designed to:

  • Obtain student input into school climate issues and improvement planning.
  • Foster student voice.
  • Serve as a school climate improvement strategy that provides an exercise in meaningful participation and demonstrates that the school cares about its students and what students think and feel about the school.

Implementation Coaching

Personalized technical assistance helps schools monitor progress in meeting goals, refining them, and navigating implementation challenges and roadblocks. S3 coaches engage clients in a dynamic inquiry process that focuses on assessing program effectiveness and, in the process, expands capacity for continuous improvement. This process is designed to help assist schools and districts in meeting their LCAP goals